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Through our proven leadership development process, we empower organizations to transform their biggest challenges into opportunities for growth by unlocking their full potential.


The Challenge

Unleash your leadership Voice.

Alignment: Address misalignment risks, preventing wasted effort, duplicated work, lost time, and division among team members, hindering your organization’s full potential.

Everyone speaks. Not everyone is hearD.

Every individual has a natural leadership Voice whether they know it or not. However, many are unaware of their Voice or lack the confidence to use it effectively, hindering collaboration and stifling diverse perspectives.

Inaction has consequences.

Neglecting the leadership Voice impacts resilience, leading to high turnover rates, sluggish productivity, and ineffective communication. Proactively addressing these challenges unlocks leadership capabilities and fosters a culture of engagement, not just compliance.

Leadership is not about position, but influence. Discover the 5 key areas impacting effectiveness to uncover strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. Our expert guidance helps teams navigate challenges and develop essential skills for excellence in each area.

Relationships: Navigate the pitfalls of broken relationships, avoiding gossip, mistrust, turf wars, and toxic environments that hinder collaboration.

Capacity: Manage capacity challenges, preventing burnout, turnover, missed opportunities, and personal stagnation, enabling optimal performance for you and your team.

Communication: Overcome miscommunication challenges, preventing drama, conflict, and inefficiency

Execution: Tackle execution obstacles, ensuring successful implementation by overcoming unmet goals, missed deadlines, blown budgets, and credibility erosion.


Matthew Dickersheid, Supervisor of Leadership Development, Loudoun
County Public Schools

“As the Supervisor of Leadership Development for Loudoun County Public Schools, Courtney Jordan and GiANT Southeast have been an immense help to our organization… Despite the challenges we faced this year, the Lunch & Learn sessions conducted by Courtney and GiANT were a resounding success among our staff… 

“...grateful for their partnership and the significant impact they have made“

Tony Howard, Chief Executive Officer, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce

"...innate ability to relate to all levels of leaders and learners, all drawn by her intelligence and caring, servant heart."

Courtney has led numerous sessions with the Loudoun Chamber’s leadership and staff on the 5 Voices learning, and she has done a truly superlative job in showing us how to deploy these principles to create stronger team cohesion and drive real business results.

Leo Anzoleaga, SVP of Residential Lending, Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp.

Through their expertise, I've gained a deeper understanding of my spouse and the necessary tools to lead my organization effectively... Her accurate diagnoses, backed by extensive knowledge, have played a crucial role in my journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney and GiANT to others.

“Courtney Jordan and GiANT have provided me with the guidance and sequential approach I needed to become an influential leader...“

Urmila Seshadri, Special Education Teacher, Brambleton Middle School

Each structured and purposeful session with GiANT and Courtney provided valuable new materials that enhanced my leadership journey... Thank you, Courtney, for making such a positive impact on my career.

"The working lunch sessions with Courtney were like discovering hidden treasures every time..."

Blake Showalter, Operations & Client Relations Director, Middleburg Real Estate | Atoka Properties

If you are considering working with Courtney Jordan as your Executive Coach, I highly recommend it! Our team has now adopted a common language that facilitates support and appropriate challenges, resulting in heightened productivity and a culture of ownership and accountability. Invest in Courtney's expertise for tremendous results!

"Over the course of my 2+ years of one-on-one coaching with Courtney, I have gained invaluable benefits..."


Our People-Centered 


Every individual has a natural leadership Voice whether they know it or not. However, many are unaware of their Voice or lack the confidence to use it effectively, hindering collaboration and stifling diverse perspectives.

Workshops and Speaking

Experience transformative learning and inspiring talks with Courtney Jordan, the founder and CEO of The Jordan Group. Our dynamic offerings help teams, organizations, and individuals unlock their full potential and achieve greatness.


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